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Steri-plus exhalation filter for Source control

World’s first exhalation valve filter for PAPR for source control in sterile settings.


Suitable for use in patient care settings and laboratory/ pharmaceutical clean rooms. Developed specifically for sterile environments where filtering of the wearer’s exhaled air is required. Provides reliable source control for CleanSpace respirators, when used with the half mask.


  • — Use with CleanSpace half masks
  • — Reusable case is compatible with standard disinfection/sterilization protocols
  • — Filtration efficiency 99% for particles 0.3µm and above
  • — Easy to fit. Easy to clean
  • — Cost effective
  • — Approved for use with CleanSpace respirators


  • — Case: outer (polycarbonate) and inner case (ABS, reusable)
  • — Filter media: nonwoven electrostatic (consumable).





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Steri-plus: How to Use

STEP 1. Insert a new filter to the blue outer case.
STEP 2. Ensure filter tabs are positioned in the case slots to hold the filter in place.
STEP 3. Correctly place the white inner case over the filter (see image above). Align the end (A) to slot in and then close and clip the case shut (B).
STEP 4. Align the assembled case with filter to the mask exhalation cap so the outer case vents are at the bottom of the mask. Click the case onto the exhalation valve seat. NOTE: The exhalation valve cap can remain in place.


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