• Using our reusable, recycled plastic totes, reduces the cardboard you must dispose of.
  • Providing everything you need, saving time, multiple deliveries, and suppliers.
From the outset, we harness our diverse skills and, in collaboration with our clients and experts, relentlessly look to expand what is possible, effective, can be clinically proven when it comes to infection control, and be able to take care of our clients for any requirement.


We partner with the commercial sector to provide clinically proven solutions and specialised equipment to improve existing processes with a goal to provide a long-lasting partnership for all janitorial, cleaning, infection control, consumables, equipment & furniture requirements.

We are always working to improve our products and services to provide the best possible solutions that are innovative, reliable, and as sustainable as possible.




Manufactured entirely in the UK, the complete Medi9 range is proven to be effective against bacteria, viruses, spores & fungi, and meeting all necessary EN standards. Medi9 is a ready to use, alcohol and chlorine free solution, while Uni9 is our more general cleaning range of products, providing heavier cleaning solutions complimenting the Medi9 range.

Both product ranges provide cost and time efficiencies and a significant reduction in human error within the decontamination & sanitisation process.



Not only do we provide high level, clinically effective infection control solutions, but also provide all consumables and equipment that is required to both properly clean & sanitise a space/environment, including cleaning essentials such as mops, buckets, cloths, and anything required to accompany the cleaning process.
Alongside providing all cleaning equipment, Nine Group also offer the full range of consumables specialised for the Healthcare sector, bringing about time and cost efficiencies to procurement/operations teams by having all consumables, equipment, and infection control products be delivered in one delivery, by one supplier.



We offer a full range of furniture that are of the highest quality and the most innovate, bringing about considerable cost efficiencies.

The types of furniture we provide are specialised and tailored to the client’s needs, and include products such as stretchers, trolleys, cleaning machines, wheelchairs, couches, and much more including lighting solutions.

All furniture is usually delivered on our own delivery vehicles, saving not only time, but the cost of delivery




Alongside our aim to provide the most sustainable solutions within our control, our own delivery fleet and logistics allows us to control our carbon footprint and implement the use of reusable totes that significantly reduce cardboard packaging wastage for both client and us at Nine Group.

We are constantly updating our processes to the best possible solution in line with our roadmap to become more sustainable as a company. We focus on reducing the number of deliveries for our clients, providing an all-in-one solution that reduces the overall carbon footprint.



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Rob Johnson, COO,
Bristol Ambulance Services
We have been loyal customers of Nine Group international since 2014 and have since ordered a multitude of good quality products and services.
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Jack Alexander, Contract Manager,
E-Zec Medical Transport Services Ltd
Before becoming a customer of Nine Group International, we faced the challenge of procuring our supplies through multiple suppliers.

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Chris Percival, CEO,
Jigsaw Medical Services Ltd
In September 2017, following a robust supplier appraisal process, Jigsaw Medical took the decision to award an exclusive contract for the supply of medical...
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Paul Norris, Operational Service Lead, Basingstoke Hospital NHS Trust
We currently use Nine Group’s Medi9 wipes and their floor cleaning products. During the current pandemic we have also been using their fogging machines to great effect.
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