Pillars are the support that holds up any building, but they are also the support that holds up a company. Like with construction, the pillars of a company must be strong, effective, and beneficial to every aspect of the business. We at Nine Group have identified four pillars that we believe are the most important and vital in supporting your company and services. They are innovative products, sustainability, logistics/operations, and an all-in-one solution.


All-In-One Solution
Along with our Medi9 range being an all-in-one infection control solution, Nine Group itself is, in fact, the same. We are dedicated to providing everything needed in terms of medical consumables, equipment, infection control, decontamination systems, furniture, PPE, cleaning, janitorial and patient care to name a few. Along with being more sustainable, an all in one solution saves you time and money through eliminating the need for multiple suppliers and deliveries.

Innovative Products
We supply and manufacture a wide range of products through a variety of categories and are always looking for what is new, updated, and innovative to help our clients be more efficient in what they do, add value, and bring about cost savings where possible.

Nine Group offer a service to handle all logistics and operations for clients who have large requirements to carry out their day to day services. This reduces our clients’ stress of background responsibilities and allows them to focus more on their business while we take care of the rest. Using robust, reliable supply chains, clients will receive the products when required, on our fleet of vehicles to ensure the product is delivered every time and in good condition.

Companies around the globe are making moves to become more sustainable, and Nine Group are no exception. We have policies and plans in place to become more sustainable in all aspects of the company, which includes fully electrical vehicles as part of our delivery fleet, paper-free offices, and fully recyclable packaging/products where possible.

We have implemented a reusable tote service, which has made amazing progress in reducing the amount of cardboard that requires disposal. The totes are made with 100% recycled plastic and are used in conjunction with our fleet of delivery vehicles, which in turn reduce the number of deliveries a client receives

With these four pillars, Nine Group likes to work with Clients to offer a lifetime partnership. Every department is dedicated to finding the best solution to any of our client’s problems and issues and have achieved fantastic results so far. We like to go the extra mile every time, putting you, the client, first in everything we do and every decision we make. 110% Client Care and adding as much value to you is at the core of Nine Group.
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