SKU: MED11910-A
Tubular Stockinette Bandage
Tubular Stockinette relieves discomfort during rest and activity with it's gentle, yet non slipping fabric. It is made from washable cotton/elastic blend for support on injured limbs. Non pre-cut. Available in different width sizes.
SKU: MED01714-BS
Burn Dressing - Gel - Each
These burn dressings are gel soaked to remove heat and reduce pain. They lower the risk of contamination to the affected area and are non-toxic and non-irritant.
SKU: MED01712-0515-WJ
Burn Dressing - Gel - (WaterJel)
These gel soaked burns dressings are used by paramedics, hospitals, trauma and burns units and provides a protective cooling barrier giving immediate relief, preventing infection and preventing the burn progressing. The dressing is saturated with a sterile water based gel...
SKU: MED01732-BS
Burn Free Burn Gel - 50ml
Burn gel helps to remove heat and reduce pain. The gel lowers the risk of contamination to the affected area and are non-toxic and non-irritant. Small and handy enough to carry in any first aid kit or pocket. 50ml bottle.
SKU: MED01708-BS
Burn Gel Sachet - 3.5g
This burn gel comes in small, handy packets for quick use on injured areas. It is used to relieve minor burns, cuts and scrapes and stops burns from progressing through healthy tissue. 3.5g.
SKU: MED01856-SP
Adhesive Dressing - Steropore
Adhesive dressing is hypoallergenic and highly absorbent, used to enhance healing time. The wound pad is covered with a non-adherent film to prevent strike through and to reduce trauma when dressing is removed. They are individually wrapped and sterile. Excellent...
SKU: MED01850-0505
Low Adherent Absorbent Dressing - Box of 25
Low Adherent Absorbent Dressing - 10cm x 10cm - Box of 25 Low Adherent Absorbent Dressing - 10cm x 20cm - Box of 25 Low Adherent Absorbent Dressing - 5cm x 5cm - Box of 25 Low Adherent Absorbent Dressing...
SKU: MED01820-1
Ambulance Dressing - Sterile - Each
Ambulance Dressing No 1 - Medium - Sterile - EachAmbulance Dressing No 2 - Large - Sterile - EachAmbulance Dressing No 3 - X-Large - Sterile - EachAmbulance Dressing No 4 - XX-Large - Sterile - EachAmbulance Dressing No 7...
SKU: MED01805-100
Cohesive Bandage Non-Woven - Single
Cohesive Bandage Non-Woven 10cm x 4.5m | 5cm x 4.5m | 7.5cm x 4.5m - Single
SKU: MED01740
Burnshield Responder Kit In Red Nylon Bag
Content: 33 Items supplied in a nylon bag with pullout pouches: x8 Burnshield Dressing 100x100mm (4″x4″) x3 Burnshield Dressing 200x200mm (8″x8″) x2 Burnshield Dressing 600x400mm (24″x16″) x3 Burnshield Digit Dressing (25mm x 0,5m) (1″x20″) x2 Burnshield Limb Dressing (50mm x 1m)...
SKU: MED01725-H
Deep Heat Spray - 150ml
Instant pain relief and warming spray.  Provides heat relief from the pain in muscles, tendons, joints or bones, lower back and thigh pain.  150ml
SKU: MED01725-C
Deep Freeze Cold Spray - 150ml
Cold therapy spray for injuries. Instant pain relief.  Ideal for athletes, sports, sprains, strains & injuries.  150ml.
Sold Out
SKU: MED01998-36F
Chest drainage kit ambulatory with flexible introducer, 36F
Designed specifically for accident and emergency situations, the kits include all the essentials to perform chest drainage and permit the safe mobilisation of patients when underwater seals cannot be established or are not practical.
SKU: MED02418-W
Medicine Measure (Pot) - Wax Paper - 28ml - Pack of 250
Waxed Paper Medicine Pots. Ideal for use in the dispensing and storage of medications within a variety of settings.  Popularly used within Nursing and Residential Homes, Pharmacies and Chemists and are disposed of after use. 28ml. Pack of 250.
SKU: MED40122-12
Spencer Wells Artery Forceps - Sterile Disposable Straight
Manufactured from stainless steel, these sterile, single-use artery forceps are available in Straight or Curved designs. The forceps are supplied sterile, packed in boxes of 10 or 20 (12.5cm (5")/ 23cm - Each). Single use. Straight. Sterile. Disposable.
SKU: 11080038-1010
Jelonet - Paraffin Gauze Dressing - 10cm x 10cm - Pack of 10
Dressig provides an effective primary wound contact layer, suitable for the treatment of burns, ulcers and skin grafts.The dressing consists of cotton fabric gauze impregregnated with soft paraffin to ensure low-adherence. Available in three sizes and supplied individually wrapped in...
SKU: MED02240-ML
Dressing Pack - Med/Large Gloves
Contains: 1 Large Apron, 1 White Disposable Bag, 1 pair of Vitrex examination gloves,1 Paper Towel 45cm x 50cm, 4 Softswabs 10cm x 10cm 4ply,1 Absorbent Pad 10cm x 20cm, 1 Sterile Field 50cm x 50cm. Pack of 10.
SKU: MED02205-S
Sterile Suture Pack Including Instruments - Silver
Suture packs sets come packed sterile and ready for immediate use and contain the following. Silver Suture Pack Set (Standard): As Bronze Standard and additionally, 2 dressing towels, 5 swabs non-woven 7.5cm x 7.5cm (4 ply), opera rotrak spec form,...
SKU: MED02205-G
Sterile Suture Pack Including Instruments
Suture packs sets come packed sterile and ready for immediate use and contain: Treves dissecting forceps (toothed), TOE straight forceps, iris scissor straight, kilner needle holder, dressing towel, sterile field, pulp tray.
SKU: MED11745-EC
Combat Application Tourniquet - Eco
This combat application tourniquet is one of the top performing tourniquets currently available. It is the tourniquet of choice for many of the world's most elite and experienced warriors who have selected it for its outstanding ability to control severe...
SKU: MED02450-75-5
Duoderm Dressing
Duoderm Dressing - 7.5cm x 7.5cm - Pack of 10 Duoderm Dressing - 5cm x 10cm - Pack of 10 Duoderm Dressing - 10cm x 10cm - Pack of 10
SKU: MED02435-05-50
Atrauman Sterile Dressing
Atrauman Sterile Dressing - 5cm x 5cm - Pack of 50 Atrauman Sterile Dressing - 7.5cm x 10cm - Pack of 50
SKU: MED02420-05-5
Mepitel Dressing - Pack of 5
Mepitel Dressing - 5cm x 7cm - Pack of 5 Mepitel Dressing - 8cm x 10cm - Pack of 5 Mepitel Dressing - 12cm x 15cm - Pack of 5

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