A revolution in respiratory protection

CleanSpace® Halo is a Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) system that houses smart technology in a revolutionary, compact design. CleanSpace delivers the highest protection in healthcare whilst being comfortable, quick to fit, and easily integratable into any setting.


Achieving compliance with comfort & ease-of-use


  • — Patented AirSensit™ technology delivers cool, filtered air on demand for a high level of protection.
  • — Delivers up to 230 L/min airflow for up to 9 hours operating time.
  • — When using a stethoscope, the wearer can quiet the motor using a breath controlled technique.



  • — Transparent mask with clear voice transmission allows for easy communication.
  • — Soft, medical grade silicone mask is latex-free, providing a comfortable moulded seal. Fresh air into the mask keeps staff cool, removes moisture, stale air, and prevents fogging.
  • — Half and full face mask options.



  • — Lightweight device (<400g/0.9lb) with no cables, hoses or belt mounted battery packs.
  • — Few parts and small surface area make the device fast to clean/disinfect and put back into use.
  • — Customizable colored panels to denote personally issued devices or specific zones.



  • — HEPA/P3 protection 99.97% filtration efficiency for 0.3 micron and above.






Ready to go in 3 easy steps

CleanSpace Halo is intuitive to use and fast to don in three simple steps – Switch on - Connect the mask - Adjust and go. Smart automated technology senses the wearer’s breathing to trigger the airflow to ON or OFF
1. Switch on
2. Click to connect
3. Adjust mask & head gear. Simply breathe.



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