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SKU: 18141018
Medi9 Air Sanitisation Solution
The Medi9 Air Sanitisation Solution is an Alcohol and chlorine free solution that is used in machines. It is time efficient, non-corrosive and extremely effective. Creates a protective film on vertical and horizontal surfaces a minimum of 18 hours after...
SKU: ME908002-12v
Medi9 Vehicle Sanitising System
All Nine Group machines have the smallest possible nozzle opening to produce the optimum air pressure, which counters gravity and ensures the longest possible time to be airborne. When landed on a surface, Medi9 provides up to 18 hours of...
SKU: ME908012
Medi9 Backpack Sanitisation Unit
Medi9 Backpack Sanitisation Unit has been specifically designed by Nine Group for speed of use in areas where mains power is not available. The unit can be carried to any area that requires high-level disinfection using Medi9 sanitiser solution. This...
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