Ambulance Air Sanitisation System

The Medi9 Air Sanitisation System uses both Medi9 Air Sanitisation Solution and compressed air to create a vapour-like fog. The vapour is finely atomised and circulated in a vortex for optimum coverage. It begins by deactivating any airborne viruses or bacteria present before forming a layer on all horizontal or vertical surfaces.

The decontamination process is automatic and safe, with built-in safety features such as the cab’s portable key and stop button on the remote. It is a simple but effective system, optimising the time the vehicle and crew remain fully operational. Our system can be provided as a kit for ambulance installers or fitted by our team on-site, and it comes with a year’s warranty and service as standard.

Medi9 is clinically proven and non-corrosive. It is a highly effective infection control technique that leaves no liquid build-up or residue, making it more time efficient and safer than other disinfectants. As Medi9 is positively charged, it can provide residual protection of up to 18 hours.


 Disinfection time: 5 mins, effective on surfaces: up to 18 hrs
 Retrospectively fitted or comes in a kit for new installs
 Sanitise surfaces & environment without having to return to base
 Custom-designed to fit all ambulance layouts
 Particle sizes in the 10–20-micron range with an air velocity at the nozzle of 100 m/s.



System Operation.
Operation is simple. No need to set timers, our system has been pre-determined for maximum effectiveness.
Everything is automatic, press the start button and wait for the decontamination process to finish.

Streamlined Design.
Our system is purposely designed and installed to be as unobtrusive as possible. We are consciously striving towards streamlining and providing a sanitisation solution that is powerful but intended to fit in.

360° Circulation.
Two precision air jets are
strategically positioned inside the ambulance load space, creating
a vortex that distributes product
evenly and effectively.


Custom Built
Most of our components are designed, printed, and built in[1]house, allowing us to facilitate retrospective or new installs, whatever the layout of the ambulance.
We aim to see each ambulance as a new challenge and problem-solve with ease due to our ability to customise and create bespoke designs.            


Medi9 Air Sanitisation Solution

Medi9 Air Sanitation Solution is designed and manufactured for use in our Medi9 Sanitation systems. This
high-performance solution is independently proven effective against 99.9% of bacteria, spores, viruses, and fungi
including Coronavirus, Clostridium Difficile, MRSA and Norovirus.

Use Medi9 regularly and effectively in areas where the transfer of germs is a concern to maintain and uphold a safe
working environment. With instant germ protection, Medi9 ensures all working areas have been thoroughly sanitised
- providing the ultimate solution to the decontamination process.


 RTU - ready to use - very important to avoid
human error and water contamination
 Retrospectively fitted or comes in a kit for new installs
 Fogger - no need to rinse or wipe down after application
 Provides residual protection - use as
prevention as well as cure
 Alcohol, chlorine and triclosan-free
 Safe to use in challenging environments and
on sensitive equipment
 REACH and COSSH exempt

More details on the entire Medi9 range can be found at:






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