All-In-One Complete Ambulance Kit


While working with various emergency services, Nine Group have identified one of the biggest pressures the sector experience in regard to procurement of infection control, equipment and, most importantly, consumables.

We have discovered, from extensive discussions with executives within the EMS sector, procurement/make-ready teams struggle to obtain the large variety of vital products from multiple suppliers that they require. Issues that accompanied that were different delivery dates of stock, stockholding abilities, and confusing correspondence between the different suppliers.

The all-in-one complete ambulance kit is specially designed to reduce or even eliminate the problems with procurement, and provides all infection control products, consumables, equipment, and furniture needed to completely fit out an emergency vehicle in one simple delivery, from one supplier.

Each kit is entirely customisable to our client’s standards and requirements, and even has the option to be labelled with each vehicle's details (e.g., vehicle registration) to further assist make ready teams when kitting out multiple vehicles at once. If this is for a new fleet of vehicles, delivery can also be staggered to work within your vehicle roll out.

While being the complete package in terms of products, the AIO kit greatly reduces the amount of stockholding that an emergency service needs to have, as the kits can be delivered on a specific date when the vehicle is due to be delivered & made ready, and instead of having a large quantity of stock to pick from, each cupboard/compartment of the vehicle will be packaged/labelled, making it a grab-and-go solution.

These kits provide a wide range of benefits and added value to any ambulance service in terms of huge time and cost savings throughout many departments. Not only does the all-in-one kit offer administrative savings by only requiring one order, but wide savings from a make ready aspect.


— All-in-one package that eliminates the need for multiple suppliers or deliveries.
— Each kit is completely bespoke and customisable to exact quantity and vehicle requirements.
— Provides ease of use with one single delivery, which can be specifically labelled for each vehicle.
— Infection control, equipment, PPE and consumables all in one, easy to use package.
— Multiple sizes available for all items.
— Delivery briefly prior, to new vehicle arrival.




We start with a briefing call to determine specific needs, such as the number of vehicles needed, timescales of products/ vehicles, delivery time preferences, etc. The call includes a discussion regarding the type of vehicles and the types of products that are required.




Following the briefing call we require the load lists for the vehicles, in order to confirm the exact volume of each product that is needed for the primary order, including specific brand or supplier preferences and approved alternatives.



Upon receipt of the load lists, we provide a quote for all equipment and consumables, or just consumables if you wish to source the equipment by alternative means.




Everything is delivered at the same time, in one package, eliminating the stress of different delivery days for different products and the delivery and storage of multiple products, which can become difficult to keep track of.


There are labelling options that will aid delivery even further, if preferred. One popular option is to label the pallets, which are also offered to aid delivery, with the number plates of the intended vehicles.


Goods and products are then delivered, in eneral, a couple of days before the new vehicle arrives at specified location. This can be sooner or later based on your preference, however it enables a slick and efficient transaction and eliminates the problem of storing goods at base for an extended period. It means you simply unbox the pallets and load the vehicle ready for its first shift. If preferred, we can bag or box items together for specific lockers/cupboards, if you provide a locker lay out/map with details of what they store in each locker/cupboard of the vehicle, making the unpacking process most efficient..
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