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Uni9 Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Wall Mounted Large Dispenser
Uni9 Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Automatic/manual Wall Mounted Dispenser - Large
from £45.05
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Uni9 Hard Surface Floor Cleaner Concentrate - Lemon
Uni9’s Universal Cleaner has a wide range of cleaning qualities, meaning that it can be used on a wide range of hard surfaces to give an excellent finish from either buffing or mopping.Uni9’s Universal Cleaner completes a number of tasks with...
from £92.39
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Medi9 Superabsorb Granules / Clean-up Powder
Medi9 Super absorb Granules / Clean-up Powder - 240g/1.5kg/5kg Bucket With Scoop. Our Medi9 Range is alcohol and chlorine-free, allowing more protection over alcohol and chlorine-based products. Not only are they clinically proven effective against bacteria and viruses, but spores and...
from £8.07
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Medi9 Hand Sanitising Foam
Medi9 Hand Sanitising Foam provides numerous applications of germ protection to hands and skin surfaces that have come into contact with pathogens. The high-performance sanitising foam has been independently proven to be effective against bacteria, spores, viruses, and fungi including...
from £3.34
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Uni9 Cleaner / Degreaser Large Wipes
Uni9 Cleaner / Degreaser Large Wipes Tub(100) Refill Pack(100)
from £11.54
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Sterile Disposable Syringe Luer Slip
These Emerald syringes are sterile, polypropylene and disposable. Supplied individually wrapped in blister packs, they are each tested for sterility, pyrogenicity and toxicity. Supplied without needles. 100 graduations at 0.01ml increments. Made from Polypropylene. Case of 100. 
from £17.25
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Hypodermic Sterile Needles
Hypodermic needle features a pivoting-shield needle for efficient safety during activation. It is bevel oriented to the safety cover to facilitate low-angle injections.
from £5.76
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Hypodermic Safety Needle - Sterile
Hypodernmic Saftey Needle that draws up medication and efficiently administers it.
from £32.83
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Tubular Stockinette Bandage
Tubular Stockinette relieves discomfort during rest and activity with it's gentle, yet non slipping fabric. It is made from washable cotton/elastic blend for support on injured limbs. Non pre-cut. Available in different width sizes.
from £18.92
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Laryngoscopes Easy Bright Pre-Loaded Set - Europa LED [Miller Sizes]
The Easy Bright set consists of a single use, convenient and lightweight system. With a preloaded handle and rigid metal blade, the set comes ready to use at your convenience. A set of multilingual instructions are included for proper use,...
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Endotracheal Tube - Cuffed
The endotracheal tube provides an alternative pathway for gas flow in case of occlusion. It increases strength & flexibility, and provides reliable control of cuff inflation and pressure. The clear 15mm connector enables connection to standard anaesthetic and ventilation breathing...
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NasoSafe Nasopharyngeal Airway - Single
These airways are built for optimum patient comfort with it's swivel grip that allows for most comfortable positioning. The safety grip can be rotated 360 degrees and placed without blocking the free nostril. The airway is ideal when oral passage...
from £6.24
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Nasopharyngeal Airway - Single
Single Use Nasopharyngeal Airway features supple transparent PVC construction for a comfortable fit and optimum feel. Satin low friction finish for easy placement and catheter insertion. Atraumatic round bevelled end. Clearly marked with size. For nasal airway ventilation only. Supplied...
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Controlled Drugs Destruction Kit
Containers for the safe destruction of controlled drugs. As well as containing the drug destruction powder our doom kits also contain a bitter tasting additive which make it very difficult, if not impossible to consume the contents. 100ml/250ml.
from £6.35
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Burn Dressing - Gel - Each
These burn dressings are gel soaked to remove heat and reduce pain. They lower the risk of contamination to the affected area and are non-toxic and non-irritant.
from £14.04
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Burn Dressing - Gel - (WaterJel)
These gel soaked burns dressings are used by paramedics, hospitals, trauma and burns units and provides a protective cooling barrier giving immediate relief, preventing infection and preventing the burn progressing. The dressing is saturated with a sterile water based gel...
from £6.92
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Plastic Padlock Security Seals - Serial Numbered - Each
Compact, high quality plastic padlock seal which can be printed with sequential serial numbers printed as standard for ease of traceability. Its locking shaft is thin enough to fit through most apertures. It also has a low break-strength, and can...
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Uni9 Cleansing Hand Wash
Uni9’s Cleansing Hand Wash has been specifically formulated to kill harmful germs, viruses and bacteria in seconds - leaving hands safely disinfected and biologically clean. Uni9’s Cleansing Hand Wash is effective against viruses and bacteria - leaving hands safely disinfected...
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Medi9 Superabsorb Spill Pad Kit
Medi9 Superabsorb Spill Pad Kits are suitable for a variety of spills including body fluids and other biohazards. Contents Include: 1 x Large Inert Soak Up Pad 2 x Large Wipes (2)
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Uni9 Alcohol Foam Hand Sanitiser Refill Pouch - 750ml
Uni9 Alcohol Foam Hand Sanitiser Refill Pouch - 750ml
JOYSBIO Rapid Antigen Test Kits
For in vitro qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid antigen in NS/NP/OP swab specimens directly from individuals who meet COVID-19 clinical and I or epidemiological criteria. JOYSBIO COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Kit is for professional use only and is intended to...
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Uni9 Alcohol Sanitiser Mini Hand Foam - 50ml
Uni9 Alcohol Sanitiser Mini Hand Foam - 50ml
Guedel Disp Airway Pack of 6 - Size 00 - 4
The Disp Airway features a rigid bite block that ensures optimum airways patency and a smooth integrated design for maximum patient comfort and safety. Sizes are colour coded for easy selection. Guedel Disp Airway Pack of 6 - Size 00...
iPAD SP1 Dual Use Adult/Child Training Electrode Pads (Pair)
These training pads are to be used with the iPAD SP1 training device, and are used for training purposes only. Users will be able to train with the device without wasting valuable consumables with this product. NOTE: Not to be...
iPAD Dual Use Adult/Child Electrode Pads (Pair) - Genuine Manufacturer
These electrode pads are compatible with the SP1 defibrillator, and are dual use with a minimum shelf life of 24 months. Adult/Child size.
Wrist Splint - 9" - SAM Flatfold
Wrist Splint built from aluminium alloy coated with closed-cell foam, it is extremely strong and supportive for any fractured or injured wrist. It is lightweight, weighing only 130g, and can be bent into three needed shapes for optimum efficiency. 9".
Nebulizer Kit - Chamber, Mouthpiece, Tee
Nebuliser kit Includes a 6ml nebulizer and 2.1m crush resistant oxygen tubing for fixed concentration of oxygen and patient comfort. Suitable for both Adult Paediatric use.
Burn Free Burn Gel - 50ml
Burn gel helps to remove heat and reduce pain. The gel lowers the risk of contamination to the affected area and are non-toxic and non-irritant. Small and handy enough to carry in any first aid kit or pocket. 50ml bottle.
Telefunken AED Adult Electrode Pads
The Telefunken adult electrode pads are replacement pads for use with the Telefunken FA1 AED and have a 3 year standby time. The pads are clearly labelled to ensure that they are placed in the correct position on the chest...
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Uni9 Foaming Hand Wash Refill Pouch - 750ml
Uni9 Foaming Hand Wash Refill Pouch - 750ml
Single Limb Circuit for Pneupac Demand Ventilators (P200)
Single Use Patient Circuit Kit for DEMAND version of paraPAC/ventiPAC/rescuPAC/transPAC and VR1.
Burn Gel Sachet - 3.5g
This burn gel comes in small, handy packets for quick use on injured areas. It is used to relieve minor burns, cuts and scrapes and stops burns from progressing through healthy tissue. 3.5g.

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