SKU: F210010-2
Fire Extinguisher - Dry Powder - 2kg
Dry Powder Fire extinguisher suitable for fires involving wood, paper, textiles, flammable liquids & gases and live electrical equipment. Excellent for tackling Class A, B, C and electrical fires. Features an ergonomic discharge nozzle for better control and grip. 2kg.
SKU: F210016-6
Fire Extinguisher Water
Fire Extinguisher Water 6lt/9lt
SKU: F210022-7
Extinguisher Bracket
Extinguisher J Bracket Extinguisher 2Kg Bracket Extinguisher 5Kg Bracket
SKU: F210022-4
Extinguisher Stand 72 x 28 x 29cm
Single Extinguisher Stand, 72 x 28 x 29cm Double Extinguisher Stand, 72 x 28 x 29cm Triple Extinguisher Stand, 72 x 28 x 29cm
SKU: F210022-2
Fire Extinguisher Cover
Fire Extinguisher Cover, Medium (6kg/6ltr) and Large (9kg/9ltr)
SKU: F210018-3
Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher
Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher - 3 Litres, 6 Litres
SKU: F210012-2
Fire Extinguisher Foam
Fire Extinguisher Foam - 2lt, 6lt, 9lt
SKU: F210010-4
Fire Extinguisher Powder
Fire Extinguisher Powder 4kg, 6kg & 9kg
SKU: F210010-06
BC Powder Extinguisher
BC Powder Extinguisher 600g or 950g
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