• Using our reusable, recycled plastic totes, reduces the cardboard you must dispose of.
  • Providing everything you need, saving time, multiple deliveries, and suppliers.
SKU: ME904030W
Medi9 Wall Mounted Dispenser - Large
Our unique, durable and attractive dispensers are easily operational and fitted with a locking mechanism to prevent unauthorised access to the contents. Made of lightweight plastic, it is both easy to handle and safe to use. Both the manual and...
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SKU: ME906150
Medi9 Bracket For Large Wipe
This Medi9 Bracket is built to be used for the Medi9 large wipes to keep them in accessible reach while working. An easy way of having sanitisation products within arms length around facilities where decontamination is a high priority. Our...
Made in
SKU: A30015
Bucket Wipe Tub Holder - Heavy Duty White PVC Material
Bucket Wipe Tub Holder, holds 1 bucket with a max diameter of 215mm. Wall or cupboard mounting to keep work surfaces clear and provides quick and convenient access to wipes. Extremely hygienic and easy to clean unlike wire types that...
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