Mop Head – 120g Exel Big White
This mop head is lightweight and super absorbent, which is made from non-woven fabric strips. It features an extra secure push-fit fitting to avoid the mop slipping in the handle while wringing. It is a great value, fast drying alternative...
Hygiene Mop Bucket & Wringer - 12L
A sturdy polypropylene bucket with a high profile clip on wringer to reduce spillage and aid efficiency. 12L.
Disposable Microfibre Cloths
These disposable microfibre cloths come individually packaged for easy transport, and to reduce the risk of cross contamination. They are low linting and lightweight, staying strong when damp and requires no chemicals to remove harmful bacteria. Available in multiple colours...
Microfibre Cloths. 40cmx40cm.
These microfibre cloths are made with super heavyweight knitted fabric, making cleaning easy, quick and very effective. It is made from 250gsm microfibre blend of polyester and polyamide. 40cm x 40cm. Available in four colours for easy colour coding.
Wall Tidy – Hangs Three Handles
A high quality, wall mounted rack for space saving storage of your handles and tools. Push grip design fits handles from 9-35mm diameter. Available in five colours. A standard weight scouring pad designed to easily remove tougher dirt. Suitable for...
Swiftmed CS HK Trolley Standard
Ideal for larger working environments and lets you easily take all of your equipment with you. It is made from heavy-duty shock resistant plastic, with a lockable cupboard for secure storage. When not in use, the trolley can be folded...
Quick Response Trolley - Bucket & Wringer For Kentucky Mopping
Designed for mopping larger areas and heavy duty, hard wearing floors with mops. The trolley includes a 25 litre bucket and wringer, two holders, two hooks to hold equipment, a handle holder, and a rear holder for refuse sacks. Buckets...
Mop Rolls - Eco (Dry Dusting Strips) - 100 Sheets Per Roll
Disposable fibre strips on a roll designed for the Eco Mop kit to collect dust. Each roll has 100 sheets.

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