SKU: TR922101
AED - iPAD SP1 - Training Unit With Remote Control
This training device demonstrates to the user how an 'active' unit will work in an emergency situation. Users hear clear voice prompts advising each stage of defibrillation procedure. It has 8 pre-programmed scenarios to guide via remote control. It includes...
SKU: TR950115
First Responder Care Essentials
The ideal resource for Community First Responders. Grounded in practice and covering the full remit of the CFR role, the book takes you through the skills that you need when working with patients.
SKU: TR950110
Emergency Ambulance Response Driver Handbook
An essential resource for all professional drivers of ambulances, providing a safe and effective basis for their driving practice as well as an understanding of how to minimise any risk.
SKU: TR950105
Ambulance Care Practice Book
An essential guide for paramedic students, trainee associate ambulance practitioners, those studying towards a certificate in first response emergency care and other ambulance clinicians.
SKU: TR950100
Ambulance Care Essentials Book
Ambulance Care Essentials combines theoretical aspects of communication, legal and ethical issues and safeguarding with more practical areas such as manual handling, medical emergencies and a range of clinical skills.
SKU: TR922102-RC
AED Trainer 3 Remote Control
Designed for use in conjunction with the Philips HeartStart AED Trainer 3, this compact and lightweight remote control allows the instructor to manage the students' learning experience by selecting and overriding training scenarios. This control enables the instructor to assess responses...
SKU: TR922102
AED Trainer 3
The AED Trainer 3 prepares emergency responders to use the basic functions of the HeartStart FR3. It simulates 8 ERC/AHA compatible training scenarios for a realistic training environment that includes shock delivery and CPR.
SKU: TR901201-A
Airway Management Trainer - Adult
Realistic anatomy and head positioning let you provide training in all adult intubation procedures. Practice training in clearing an obstructed airway by suctioning liquid foreign matter. Each manikin also includes a sanitation kit, lubricating jelly, and an airway visualisation model. Realistic anatomy of the...
SKU: TR901025-100
Little Junior Complete Airways
Little Junior Complete Airways (Pack of 100) Little Junior Complete Airways (Pack of 25)
SKU: TR901020-24
Little Anne Complete Airways
Little Anne Complete Airways (Pack of 24) Little Anne Airways (Pack of 96)
SKU: TR901015-24
Baby Anne Airways
Disposable airways, or lungs, are often used for student safety during CPR training classes. This package of 24 airways allows you to provide 24 students with his or her own disposable airway that can be used throughout the day's class....
SKU: TR923101-SK
UV Hand Hygiene Training Cabinet - Starter Kit
Using long wave UV light, the Hand Hygiene Training Cabinet enables infection control officers or training establishments to demonstrate correct hand washing. The process will highlight any defects or missed spots to raise awareness of potential hygiene issues.
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