SKU: MED01244-0
Laryngoscopes Easy Bright Pre-Loaded Set - Europa LED [Miller Sizes]
The Easy Bright set consists of a single use, convenient and lightweight system. With a preloaded handle and rigid metal blade, the set comes ready to use at your convenience. A set of multilingual instructions are included for proper use,...
SKU: MED01363-40
Endotracheal Tube - Cuffed
The endotracheal tube provides an alternative pathway for gas flow in case of occlusion. It increases strength & flexibility, and provides reliable control of cuff inflation and pressure. The clear 15mm connector enables connection to standard anaesthetic and ventilation breathing...
SKU: MED01334-4-NS
NasoSafe Nasopharyngeal Airway - Single
These airways are built for optimum patient comfort with it's swivel grip that allows for most comfortable positioning. The safety grip can be rotated 360 degrees and placed without blocking the free nostril. The airway is ideal when oral passage...
SKU: MED01334-6
Nasopharyngeal Airway - Single
Single Use Nasopharyngeal Airway features supple transparent PVC construction for a comfortable fit and optimum feel. Satin low friction finish for easy placement and catheter insertion. Atraumatic round bevelled end. Clearly marked with size. For nasal airway ventilation only. Supplied...
SKU: MED01310-PK6
Guedel Disp Airway Pack of 6 - Size 00 - 4
The Disp Airway features a rigid bite block that ensures optimum airways patency and a smooth integrated design for maximum patient comfort and safety. Sizes are colour coded for easy selection. Guedel Disp Airway Pack of 6 - Size 00...
SKU: MED01396
Nebulizer Kit - Chamber, Mouthpiece, Tee
Nebuliser kit Includes a 6ml nebulizer and 2.1m crush resistant oxygen tubing for fixed concentration of oxygen and patient comfort. Suitable for both Adult Paediatric use.
Sold Out
SKU: MED11510
Single Limb Circuit for Pneupac Demand Ventilators (P200)
Single Use Patient Circuit Kit for DEMAND version of paraPAC/ventiPAC/rescuPAC/transPAC and VR1.
SKU: MED02132-1
Suction Unit Disposable Liners
Specifically designed for the safe and hygienic collection and disposal of fluids, these disposable suction liners are the only antimicrobial suction liner currently available. Box of 25. 1000ml.
  • Black
SKU: MED02140-R
Rescuer Vac Pump Disposable Collection Jar & Catheters
Spare collection jar with catheters. Includes two catheters for neonates to adults. Collection jar holds up to 300ml of fluid. Disposable.
SKU: EQ913110-R
Rescuer MVP Suction Pump Aspirator
Lightweight, high vacuum and portable. Features one hand operation and simple maintenance. Has multiple settings and can be used from neonates to large adults.
SKU: MED01360-A
Nasal Cannula for Oxygen Therapy with Tubing
Nasal Cannula designed for patients who need long term oxygen. Over the ear design for maximum patient comfort. Soft, comfortable and flexible nasal prongs available in a variety of styles. Transparent with kink resistant tubing for maximum patient safety. Single...
SKU: MED01356-A
High Concentration 100% Oxygen NonRebreathing Mask with Head Strap & Tubing
High Concentration Oxygen Mask ensures a good fit whilst transparent material ensures patient response can be easily monitored. Adjustable nose clip and elasticated head strap for added patient comfort, ideal for long term users. Supplied with 2.1m crush resistant oxygen...
SKU: MED01352-A
Nebulising Aerosol Oxygen Mask Supplied with Tubing
Nebuliser Kit includes a 6ml nebulizer and 2.1m crush resistant oxygen tubing. Transparent PVC construction for safe monitoring of patient response. Adjustable nose clip and elasticated head strap for added patient comfort, ideal for long term use. Available in both...
SKU: MED01348-A
Medium Concentration Oxygen Mask with Tubing
Medium Concentration Oxygen Mask ensures patient comfort and safety as their response can be easily monitored. Adjustable nose clip and elasticated head strap for added patient comfort, ideal for long term users. Supplied with 2.1m crush resistant oxygen tubing for...
SKU: MED01310-0
Guedel Disp Airway - Single Pkt
Disposable Guedel Airway features rigid bite block to ensure airway patency. Smooth integrated design for optimum patient comfort and safety. Colour coded for easy selection of size. Supplied sterile in easy to open sachets. 50mm. Size 0 to Size-5.
  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Clear
  • White
  • + 4
SKU: MED01219-7
Disposable Suction Tubing Length = 3m - ID = 7mm
This sterile suction tubing is strong, collapse resistant and non-conductive. It is slide resistant on the operating table due to its anti-slip surface, and ensures a maximum flow rate thanks to its structure. The anti-slip, flexible and kink-resistant tubing is...
SKU: MED01587
Aerosolfilter For Laerdal Suction Unit
This is for use with the Resusable unit only and is not compatible with the disposable unit.
SKU: MED01450-24
Venturi Oxygen Mask
Venturi Oxygen mask with 24% or 28% or 60% c/w tubing
SKU: MED01391-CT3
Intersurgical Clear-Therm 3 Filter/HME
Built for patient protection and humidification designed for use in anaesthesia and intensive care, this filter contains a luer port, retainable cap and rounded housing for use in intensive care.
SKU: MED01324-10
I-gel Single Use Supraglottic Airway - SINGLE
i-gel has a soft, gel-like, non-inflatable cuff, designed to provide an anatomical impression fit over the laryngeal inlet. The shape, softness and contours accurately mirror the perilaryngeal anatomy to eliminate the need for cuff inflation and significantly reduces the risk...
SKU: MED01205-06
Sterile Suction Catheter - Vac Control - Single
Sterile suction catheters with crystal clear vacuum control. They include a colour-coded bead for ease of use, and have clear numerical cm graduations for the same reason. Made with soft, frosted, medical grade PVC and has an optimal tip design....
SKU: MED01221
Suction Easy Disposable Suction Device
This oral suction device is disposable, inexpensive and very effective, proving rescuers with the quickest, safest and most effective method of immediate oral suction. It's specialised design is easy to grasp and compress, suitable for all hand sizes and grip...
SKU: MED01304-FM-0
Ambu Spur II Face Mace Mask
This disposable resuscitator provides users with exceptional tactile and visual feedback during resuscitation. The bag is highly responsive, featuring minimal mechanical resistance. The design also provides the optimum in respect to stroke volume and recoil. Adult. Single use.
Sterile Disp Yankauer Suction Tube - Single
Sterile Disp Yankauer Suction Tube - Maxi - Single Sterile Disp Yankauer Suction Tube - Midi - Single Sterile Disp Yankauer Suction Tube - Mini - Single
SKU: MED01359-A-3
Tracheostomy Mask c/w Tubing - Adult - Sealed
These lifecare tracheostomy masks can be used with numerous nebuliser machines.  Sealed pack of 3. Adult.

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