• Using our reusable, recycled plastic totes, reduces the cardboard you must dispose of.
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Who we are & why we are so passionate!
— The Founders Story

It was during the year of 2012 when we had the true desire and passion to help save lives by providing a much nicer, easier and safer to use high level disinfectant. We wanted to create so much value for the NHS to help compliment all the great work they were doing on a day-to-day basis. This was when Medi9 was born.


Karl is a refrigeration engineer by trade, but spotted a gap in the market for great cleaners & disinfectants when legionella broke out in a university library’s air con cooling towers. This led to him sourcing a high-level cleaner / disinfectant. This was a great success and was how the name “Nine” was established. It had nine core, highly-effective active ingredients in the product.


However, time moved on and things changed leading him into the healthcare market. This was when progress began. He was predominantly required to sell medical equipment & furniture to the elderly care sector and was constantly being asked, “What can I clean this hoist, commode, piece of furniture, etc. with? We are told we can only clean & sanitise our equipment with Chlorine or Bleach based products as this is what we have always used and the market has traditionally advised. The manufactures, however, have stipulated that if we use these types of products, it will invalidate the warranty. What do you advise we use?” We needed a solution, as they couldn’t be the only people having these issues within the healthcare sector and wider market.


We wanted to help as much as we could and provide a safer, nicer to use and much more effective solution to help those on the ground.


It was at this point we approached chemists, microbiologists, and other professionals to see if they would be prepared to work with us and provide a solution we wanted, and what the NHS so desperately needed. This took several months to get right and to complete the various EN and other testing that was required to prove we had significantly advanced technology. During this time, we were working on the branding of the product and putting everything in place to bring this to market in the different product formats that were required.


This was when the real fun began. We were so passionate, enthused, and driven to help those on the front line and help organisations reduce hospital acquired infections, we launched the Medi9 range of products in January 2014.


Since then, we have expanded the range to suit and fit our clients requirements and have continued to work closely with them to manufacture the products they need while not short cutting on the technology used in Medi9. We love to receive feedback and work with our clients to further develop the range and provide phenomenal solutions to all walks of life.


As we continued to grow and build great relationships with our clients through great service, client care, and reliable logistics, we were constantly being asked how else could we support them. This was when it was decided to add the medical consumable, equipment, furniture, and janitorial arm to Nine Group to provide our clients with a one stop shop. We were now able to support them for all their ongoing daily needs, backed with a great delivery service on our own vehicles to ensure our clients get their items when and where they need them. The most important aspect to us and our core focus at Nine Group is great client care, and fantastic products backed with the ultimate delivery service.


“There is nothing more fulfilling than helping our clients as much as we can and blowing them away with our client care”.


We are obsessed about giving our clients the best experience and providing solutions, we never like to say no.



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