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The devastating impact of Covid-19

Due to the devastating impact of Covid-19 within NHS Hospitals, the National Health Service is now facing an extreme backlog of non-Covid patients who are in desperate need of care.

Throughout the 2020 Global Pandemic, the medical industry focused their efforts on the influx of Covid-19 patients in their care. Surgeries and GP Practices closed, leaving only vital healthcare services open for emergencies.

Hospitals and larger facilities had to drastically change their operation procedures, increasing their PPE and infection control in an attempt to curb the cross contamination of the deadly Covid-19 virus. Non-vital operations were put on hold in lieu of the theatres being needed for emergency surgeries, ward staff had to limit patient numbers due to social distancing measures, and all non-life-threatening medical appointments were cancelled or postponed indefinitely.

This, undoubtably, has caused the NHS to face its biggest backlog of patients since 2007. Due to the closure of sites, the cancellation of appointments, and public messages begging people to stay away unless absolutely necessary, 2021 has found the NHS missing over 10% of patients that are going without treatment

However, following the UK Government’s rulings coming out of lockdown at the beginning of 2021, medical practices are beginning to reopen to the ‘new normal’.

Now that the NHS is encouraging patients to come forward to non-vital treatment, the sudden increase of patient numbers within facilities presents another potential problem: proper infection control.

With more pressure on reducing infection rates than ever, it is vital that medical facilities such as hospitals, theatres, surgeries, and GP practices have the correct infection control in place to prevent a rise in infection rates.

This means not just the correct procedures and practices need to be in place, but the correct products that prevent as well as kill any contaminate within the area.

Medi9 is a revolutionary range of infection control that is effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores upon contact. While some infection control products require two or three different sprays/wipes for each pathogen, Medi9 provides complete protection against all with just one application. Not only is the range alcohol-free, meaning it is non-corrosive and gentle on skin but, unlike alcohol-inclusive products, Medi9 leaves a residual layer of monomolecular protection on surfaces for a minimum of 18 hours.


Medi9 has been used within NHS Trusts and facilities for over a decade, with results of reducing infection rates in various hospitals. The solution comes in a range of products, including sprays, wipes, and fogging solution. Every product gives the same guarantee of effective protection.

Using Medi9, NHS Trusts can keep their sites disinfected with ready-to-use, time and costefficient products.

Maurice Madeo, Deputy Director of Infection Prevention & Control from Northern Lincolnshire & Goole NHS Trust, states ‘The six months after implementation [of Medi9] to the end of 2018 has produced positive feedback from patients and staff. Ease of use and the non-toxic formulations have resulted in improved compliance from staff and a reduction in the number of requests for deep cleans by nearly 15%. In addition, it has helped the Trust achieve a 30% reduction in the number of C.difficile cases.’

To view the entire testimonial, along with others from our happy clients, see our www.ninegrp.com

Joel Glazebrook
Director, Nine Group




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