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Introduction of the National Colour Coding System for Healthcare environments

Providing a clean and safe environment, coupled with increasing public concern about healthcare-associated infections, means healthcare establishments must not only be clean but also be able to demonstrate how, and to what standard, they are being cleaned.

Different spaces will require different types and frequencies of cleaning depending on the activities carried out and the level of infection risk. These factors must be taken into account by the establishment when deciding on their cleaning policies and frequencies.

The National standards of healthcare cleanliness 2019 applies to all healthcare environments. They combine mandates, guidance, recommendations and good practice. To significantly reduce the risk of cross-contamination between different areas, patients, and the general public, a national colour-coding scheme was introduced.

Under the scheme, all cleaning materials and equipment – for example, cloths (reusable and disposable), mops, buckets and non-disposable gloves are colour coded. The method used to colour code items is clear and permanent.

The colour scheme colours are shown in Figure 1.

At Nine Group, we deeply care about reducing the risk of infection and making a lasting improvement to general health and wellbeing of people. In response to the introduction of the colour coding scheme, we will therefore be upgrading our product packaging and labelling throughout 2021. Although cleaning products (i.e. chemicals and detergents) do not need to be colour coded, all our cleaning equipment, products and consumables will have the following label included on their label or packaging to confirm the area the product is suitable for.

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1. NHS National Standards of healthcare cleanliness. Specification, methodology and good practice.

Figure 1
National colour-coding scheme


Figure 2
Nine Group’s colour coding




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