• Using our reusable, recycled plastic totes, reduces the cardboard you must dispose of.
  • Providing everything you need, saving time, multiple deliveries, and suppliers.

Emergency Services – The All-In-One Solution

In a sector where it is vital to provide the best quality products at a rapid pace, emergency services still have an issue with the delivery of life saving goods. What if there was a solution to that?


For emergency services and ambulance trusts, time is one of the highest priorities. Not only do faster response times mean more people treated and saved, but efficient preparation, fit out, and sanitation of emergency vehicles are often equally as important.

Procurement services often find it difficult to completely kit out a new emergency vehicle or site for various reasons. Multiple suppliers mean multiple delivery times, dates, and not all are guaranteed to arrive when they are needed.

Coupled with the additional cost of multiple carriage charges and shipping costs, it would not only be more cost effective to source all needed equipment, consumables, infection control and PPE from the same supplier, but would also be a lot more time efficient.

Having worked with emergency services for the past decade, Nine Group understands having emergency vehicles out of commission for a long period of time costs time, money, and the lives of many needing help.

This comes hand in hand with procurement issues regarding different delivery times, as the unreliability of multiple suppliers runs the risk of the vehicle not being used for an indeterminate amount of time. Being able to completely kit out a new or upgraded vehicle with one delivery, from one supplier, would render these problems obsolete.

Nine Group is able to provide the solution. We stock and provide all equipment, consumables, PPE, and infection control that is needed to completely kit out emergency vehicles and sites, and with our All-In-One Ambulance Kit, the process is even easier.

The kits allow all products to be delivered in one consignment, boxed, and labelled with specific locations in the vehicle and even the vehicles number plate if requested. Through this process, the products can be stored easily without taking up unnecessary space until the vehicle is ready to be loaded. Additionally, there is an option for specific dates of delivery, so you can easily plan the delivery in line with the vehicle fit out. We will be there to help and guide you through the entire process to ensure everything runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

We work closely with our clients to ensure we provide everything they need, from sanitisation products to disposable needles, so the process is as easy as possible.

Becoming time efficient is not the end process, however. Emergency services still require ways of completely decontaminating spaces such as vehicles, and fogging has become common practice for many to do so. While fogging with HPV is an extremely effective way of ensuring total disinfection, it often leaves the space unusable for a number of hours after the fogging process. In these instances, a faster, more effective solution must be found.

The answer is simple.
Medi9 is effective not just against bacteria and viruses, but spores and fungi, including Norovirus, C.Difficile, and Coronavirus.

Due to its positive charge, Medi9’s fogging solution is attracted to and settles on all surfaces within the space, as all surfaces are inherently negative, providing an extra layer of residual protection for a minimum of 18 hours.

Used with the Medi9 fogger, the solutions eliminate the need to remove sensitive equipment beforehand, and cuts the wait time after application by hours, allowing the space or vehicle to be used again within 30 minutes.

When time is of the essence, every detail counts, including the products, solutions, and services used. That is why we also offer a same day dispatch service for our platinum clients to further speed up the process.



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