Body Fluid Spills - Why spill kits are so important!

And why they don’t just apply to Hospitals

Bodily fluid spillages and leakages are not just unsightly or smell but also run the risk of contaminating spaces with harmful bacteria, viruses, or diseases.

It is extremely important to clean up a body fluid spill as soon as physically possible to prevent any possible spread of infection or bacteria. This does not just apply to hospital settings, but hospitality as well, including public transport, restaurants, hotels, and any area where the public is at risk of coming into contact.

The most effective, efficient way to remove these spills are with spill kits. In sectors where body fluid spillages are common, such as public transport, hospitals, childcare services, hotel chains, or public attractions, keeping a stock of spill kits is extremely beneficial.

The Medi9 Universal Spill Kit includes everything that is needed to properly remove any body fluid spill, and also includes the PPE necessary to keep the personnel safe from any cross-contamination. It is unique in the fact it can be used for any body spill, reducing the need for multiple spill kits and, therefore, reducing stock/inventory, costs, and, most importantly, removing the room for human error.

If you would like to enquire about our Medi9 Universal Spill Kits, please visit our website www.ninegrp.com for more information, or speak to one of our sales team via sales@ninegrp.com





The Kit

The kit comes with a sachet of superabsorbent powder, which is 4x the amount of industry standard kits, meaning you have more granules in each pack, eliminating the need to break into multiple kits for one spill.

There are two packs of gloves included for pick up and post-cleaning, as well as sachets of wipes to sanitise the surface after the fluid has been removed.

There are instructions, allowing untrained staff to dispose of hazardous waste safely and expertly in a way that protects them and the people around them.

To further assist with sectors such as public transport such as trains and metros, where body spills are very common, larger tub sizes of Medi9 Superabsorb granules are available for purchase.

Having spill kits on hand in the hospitality sector is highly recommended by the NHS.



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