SKU: HY923010B
Exel Big White Mop Head
This mop head is lightweight and super absorbent, which is made from non-woven fabric strips. It features an extra secure push-fit fitting to avoid the mop slipping in the handle while wringing. It is a great value, fast drying alternative...
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SKU: 18104010
Medi9 Hand Sanitising Foam
Medi9 Hand Sanitising Foam provides numerous applications of germ protection to hands and skin surfaces that have come into contact with pathogens. The high-performance sanitising foam has been independently proven to be effective against bacteria, spores, viruses, and fungi including...
SKU: MED01205-06
Sterile Suction Catheter - Vac Control - Single
Sterile suction catheters with crystal clear vacuum control. They include a colour-coded bead for ease of use, and have clear numerical cm graduations for the same reason. Made with soft, frosted, medical grade PVC and has an optimal tip design....
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SKU: ME904050
Foam Hand Refill - 750ml
The Medi9 alcohol and chlorine free Hand Sanitising Foam refill provides gentle, yet extremely effective, long lasting disinjection to hands. It is kind to the skin, and forms a high performance layer on the hands that provides protection long after...
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SKU: 19041013
Uni9 Hard Surface Floor Cleaner Concentrate - Lemon
Uni9’s Universal Cleaner has a wide range of cleaning qualities, meaning that it can be used on a wide range of hard surfaces to give an excellent finish from either buffing or mopping.Uni9’s Universal Cleaner completes a number of tasks with...
SKU: MED11510
Single Limb Circuit for Pneupac Demand Ventilators (P200)
Single Use Patient Circuit Kit for DEMAND version of paraPAC/ventiPAC/rescuPAC/transPAC and VR1.
SKU: GL842212-S
Nitrile Blue Glove, Powder Free
Nitrile Blue Glove, Powder Free, Small/Medium/Large/X-Large - (100)
SKU: 16050102
Face Masks - Type IIR 3Ply Medical Disposable
This product is designed to help provide respiratory protection for the wearer. These pleat-style masks have a filter efficiency level of 98% or greater against particulate aerosols, preventing the exhalation of airborne viruses and the spread of respiratory droplets from an...
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SKU: 18141018
Medi9 Air Sanitisation Solution
The Medi9 Air Sanitisation Solution is an Alcohol and chlorine free solution that is used in machines. It is time efficient, non-corrosive and extremely effective. Creates a protective film on vertical and horizontal surfaces a minimum of 18 hours after...
SKU: HY923015B
Exel Mop Handle – Aluminium 137cm
A lightweight, versitile aluminium handle with push fitting that can be used with all Exel sockets. Available with handle grip in six shades for easy colour coding. 137cm.
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SKU: GL942123-S2
Nitrile Soft Blue, Powder Free, Finger Micro Textured
Nitrile Soft Blue, Powder Free, Finger Micro Textured, Medium Nitrile Soft Blue, Powder Free, Finger Micro Textured, Large Nitrile Soft Blue, Powder Free, Finger Micro Textured, X-Large
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SKU: 18041006
Medi9 Surface / Instrument Sanitiser Spray
Medi9 Surface Sanitising Spray is ready to use on surfaces and equipment providing easy instant germ protection to any environment where the transfer of germs is a concern. It is designed for everyday use. The spray is alcohol and chlorine-free,...
SKU: MED01532/6-12
Ambu ECG Electrodes - BlueSensor
Large size bluesensor P/R/SP. It features highly conductive wet gel, offset connector and superior adhesion to ensure optimal signal quality during stress test and monitoring. 
SKU: MED01392
Plastic Entonox Mouthpiece with Viral Filter
The plastic entonox mouthpiece is ideal for the delivery of analgestic gases such as Entonox. It is lightweight and features a compact, rounded design. Standard 22F/15M cicruit connectors. Compressible volume: 33ml. 99.99% bacterial and viral filtration efficiency.
SKU: MED01334-4-NS
NasoSafe Nasopharyngeal Airway - Single
These airways are built for optimum patient comfort with it's swivel grip that allows for most comfortable positioning. The safety grip can be rotated 360 degrees and placed without blocking the free nostril. The airway is ideal when oral passage...
SKU: MED01110-14
Safety IV Cannula
Passive Safety Technology is incorporated into the catheter via an integrated fully automatic Safety Shield which protects the needle tip to prevent needle- stick injuries. The Super-sharp needle bevel offers a reduction in pain due to lower forces. Creates a...
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SKU: 11181130
BD Sterile Disposable Syringe Luer Slip
These Emerald syringes are sterile, polypropylene and disposable. Supplied individually wrapped in blister packs, they are each tested for sterility, pyrogenicity and toxicity. Supplied without needles. 100 graduations at 0.01ml increments. Made from Polypropylene. Case of 100. 
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SKU: 11040020
Medi9 Superabsorb Granules / Clean-up Powder
Medi9 Superabsorb is a superabsorbent polymer specifically engineered for absorption and retention of fluids associated with the healthcare industry. Medi9 Superabsorb is a swellable, in-soluble, cross-linked polymer, packaged as a white, granular product in its dry form. Upon contact with...
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SKU: 18160208
Medi9 Large Surface / Instrument Wipes – 200
Medi9 Hand Sanitising Wipes provide up to 200 applications of long-lasting germ protection to hands. The high-performance sanitising wipes have been independently proven to be effective against bacteria, spores, viruses and fungi. Each wipe contains a gentle, alcohol-free sanitising solution...
SKU: MED01396
Nebulizer Kit - Chamber, Mouthpiece, Tee
Nebuliser kit Includes a 6ml nebulizer and 2.1m crush resistant oxygen tubing for fixed concentration of oxygen and patient comfort. Suitable for both Adult Paediatric use.
SKU: MED01244-0
Laryngoscopes Easy Bright Pre-Loaded Set - Europa LED [Miller Sizes]
The Easy Bright set consists of a single use, convenient and lightweight system. With a preloaded handle and rigid metal blade, the set comes ready to use at your convenience. A set of multilingual instructions are included for proper use,...
SKU: MED01221
Suction Easy Disposable Suction Device
This oral suction device is disposable, inexpensive and very effective, proving rescuers with the quickest, safest and most effective method of immediate oral suction. It's specialised design is easy to grasp and compress, suitable for all hand sizes and grip...
SKU: 11060170
Tongue Depressor - Wooden
Single use depressers that are made from smooth wood featuring rounded tips. Provided in cost effective packs of 100 and fully CE marked. Safe to use on all age groups.
SKU: MAH10020-F
Banana Board - Lateral Folding - 59cm x 150cm
Designed to assist in the lateral transfer of adults/paediatrics from bed to bed, trolley or operating table, these banana boards are foldable, lightweight and extremely strong. The boards have anti slip pads encorporated into their design to ensure maximum grip...
SKU: HY925032-48
Feather Duster - 48
The feather duster is made from gentle, natural feathers making it ideal for use on blinds, lamps, furniture and ornaments. It is available in two lengths. 48
SKU: HY923040B
Hygiene Mop Bucket & Wringer
A sturdy polypropylene bucket with a high profile clip on wringer to reduce spillage and aid efficiency. 12 L.
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