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Callisto PreLoaded Disposable Laryngoscope Handle, Box of 25


Timesco’s green fitting Callisto LED handles have exceptional specifications to reduce
cross infection at a cost low enough to justify single use. Available preloaded with
button cells or for use with dry cell batteries.

  • Powerful, bright LED bulb for excellent illumination with a typical output of a minimum of 11,000 lux from the LED when measured 2cm from the LED.
  • Green ISO 7376 fitting compatible with green fitting disposable laryngoscope blades.
  • Enclosed rear to reduce light from the bulb when a blade is applied.
  • Low volume plastic construction to reduce cost, plastic waste and cost of disposal.
  • Clearly marked as single use on the base of the handle.
  • Metal hook bar offering exceptional strength for a single use handle.
  • The dry cell version (DS.3940.470.10), requires 2 C size dry cell batteries, not supplied with the handle. The preloaded medium (DS.3940.480.10) and the preloaded compact versions (DS.3940.460.10) are supplied with alkaline button cell batteries for convenience. They are easy to remove for quick and safe battery disposal after use. The battery expiry date is clearly marked on the back of the handle.
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