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Winter Infection Control

How to make most of the government’s additional funding?

With the on-going threat of Covid-19 pressing on, winter months are a chilling prospect for hospitals and care homes in particular. The traditional cold and flu season, where extra pressure on medical facilities is always to be expected, is an even bigger danger while the world is still in the grip of a pandemic.

The UK government is introducing additional financial support to help hospitals and care homes provide the best possible infection control measures during the winter months. 117 Trusts will be allocated a share of £300Million to upgrade A&E facilities allowing them to treat the public efficiently, while still adhering to stringent hygiene standards. In addition, an extension to the infection control fund issued in May 2020 will allow care providers to increase protection against the challenges ahead, with an extra £546 million set to be distributed.

Now is the time to invest in additional infection control precautions and measures. How best to spend the money?

Infection control solutions and technology are constantly evolving. Facilities should consider, therefore, if their current infection control solution could be expanded or upgraded to accommodate imminent additional pressure on hospitals and care homes.

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) requires all claims on product labels to be supported by test results and that those test results are appropriate to the area of application, i.e. each specific claim has to be specific to the product and the task. This is required for the product to be accredited with a relevant EN number.

All our products clearly display their relevant EN accreditation. Not all products on the market do and if you are using an unaccredited solution, you may inadvertently be putting lives at risk. If you are uncertain or if the product labelling does not clearly state the relevant EN number, request to see the test and safety data sheet.

If this is not possible, request to review the product’s microbiological profile. This should always be readily available. Every approved product has the test data in the form of a microbiological profile. If this is not readily available, the product claims may not be verifiable and using it may put people at risk of infection.

Medi9 has been independently tested at UK accredited laboratories to European Standards EN1276, EN13704, EN1650, EN14476 and EN1500 against the most common germs that cause illness.

“In the UK at least, we’re passing the second peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are proud to have been able to work closely and provide lifesaving support to front-line workers in the NHS and Emergency Services throughout 2020 and grateful for the impact and positive difference Medi9 and our products have had in terms of preventing infections and saving lives.”

Karl Glazebrook
Director, Nine Group


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