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The Vital Importance of Test Data

Test data in all its forms is vital to the production of any sellable product. Whether it be software or medical supplies, test data is reliable, useful information that is used to prove the efficacy of the product.

Without thorough test data, a product that is manufactured and distributed to the public could run the risk of being recalled. This is detrimental to the company from which the faulty products come as, not only it is a tarnishing mark against their reputation, but it also involves extra work to ensure all products are recalled from public use.

This could pose an extremely large problem if the recalled product is distributed nation or even worldwide. Many companies using said product might not be made aware of the changes and will continue to use it without realising the risks.

In the healthcare industry, it is even more essential that precautions are taken to prevent this from happening, as a faulty infection control product could be detrimental to a patient or staff’s health and safety due to inadequate protection.


In the UK, infection control products are tested against a set of European Standards, each testing different specific pathogens to evaluate their efficacy. Once effectively tested, the product is cleared to be produced and sold.


It is important to keep in mind that, while a product may be tested against some European standards, it does not necessarily mean they are effective against all pathogens. EN1276, for example, evaluates the product against bactericidal activity, while EN1650 is tested against fungicidal activity.

To be a truly effective infection control agent, however, products should ideally also be tested for virucidal activity. The ability to be proven effective against bactericidal, sporicidal, fungicidal, and virucidal activity is incredibly difficult to achieve, but it results in an infection control product that can offer complete protection.

Since this is often so difficult to do, many companies who produce infection control products often have two different wipes or sprays that are to be used together to combat all pathogens. While this can be effective, it poses a risk of unguaranteed total protection due to human error. Ideally, one product should be used to provide total protection to eliminate this risk.

Medi9 is a revolutionary range of infection control that is effective against bacteria, viruses, spores, and fungi upon contact. It has been tested against 4 of the main European Standards regarding disinfection, and also has been tested against both enveloped and non-enveloped viruses. Not only is it thoroughly tested but has seen results within the many NHS Trusts Medi9 has been used in; some even achieving a 30% reduction in C.Difficile cases due to the implementation of the range.

With Medi9, only one wipe or spray is required to achieve total protection against the 4 main pathogens, including coronavirus, norovirus, C.Difficile, and MRSA. It has been used in NHS Trust Hospitals and Emergency Trust Vehicles for over a decade, with continuous positive results. Not only does it cut down on stock needed, but it also provides an extra monomolecular layer of protection on surfaces for an excess of 18 hours, thanks to the solution being alcohol and chlorine free. An added benefit of an alcohol-free product is that it is non-corrosive, eliminating the need to extract any sensitive equipment before disinfection.

The infection control range is produced ready to use, eliminating the risk of human error in sectors and industries where total infection protection is the upmost priority

If you would like access to the Test Data for our Medi9 range, please contact sales@ninegrp.com Alternatively, you can read more about our Medi9 range and other ranges on our website www.ninegrp.com



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