We are founded on the belief that life matters and that there are always ways to make life better. Every day, everywhere, we strive to meet this aim by making a positive difference to people’s lives.

At Nine Group, we aim to be a beacon and make an impact at scale. From the ouset, we harness our diverse skills and in collaboration with our customers and experts relentlessly look to expand what is possible, effective and can be clinically proven, when it comes to infection control and management.







It is now more important than ever to keep public and working spaces hygienically clean. We work with our commercial clients to ensure they are consistently achieving a 5 star culture of cleanliness across all their leisure, office and retail spaces and making lasting changes to general health and well-being at work.


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We work with our clients in education to establish the optimum approach for cleaning, in terms of frequency, thoroughness and overall well-being and enable them to make lasting changes to general health and well-being in schools, universities and student accommodation.



Emergency Services

We offer a wide range of medically graded disinfectants, sanitising and cleaning solutions as well as emergency services specific consumables, ranging for airway management, diagnostic, first aid, to health and safety, patient care and PPE.


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To maintain the safest possible environment and reduce the number of patients prolonging their stay as a result of infections, hospital cleaning and disinfection is a crucial daily task. We have been working closely with many NHS trusts to minimise and prevent the risk of infection with our clinically proven solutions and wide range of consumables, ranging for airway management, diagnostic to patient care and PPE.


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We work with our clients in the hospitality sector to establish the most effective disinfection route and achieve a 5-star culture of cleanliness based on the optimum cleaning times, solutions and procedures.

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