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Poppy Appeal

We will be proudly supporting the UK armed forces with
our Poppy Appeal this November.

The Poppy Appeal began in 1921, when 2 million people who were deployed to fight World War I returned to the UK unemployed and disadvantaged. 1.75 of the 6 million men who served returned disabled, with half of them resulting in a permanent disability.

The Royal British Legion started the campaign to help those who suffered as a result of service during the First World War, not just the veterans, but their families; wives, children, widows, and orphans, and continues to this day and supports those affected in the armed forces across the globe.

They try and support the armed forces in any way possible, from advice and guidance to recovery and rehabilitation, they are always looking for ways to further support their members.

Every November, The Royal British Legion leads the nation in commemorating and honouring those who have served and sacrificed their lives to save others.

Nine Group’s ethos is that there are always ways to improve life. Because of this, we are extremely passionate about supporting this cause that provides so much support to the armed forces.

That is why, this year and every year forthcoming, Nine Group will be campaigning throughout the month of November to support The Royal British Legion in their Poppy Appeal.

We will be making a bulk donation on behalf of Nine Group and our clients and providing our clients with a poppy and thank you card throughout the month, both to raise awareness of the cause, and to show gratitude to the support we have been given.

We at Nine Group are extremely grateful for the opportunity to support such a good cause. We would like to thank the organisers at Poppy Appeal for their helpful advice throughout, and hope that you can join with us to support The Royal British Legion and the armed forces.

#remembranceday #lestweforget

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