Flu Season - Are you prepared?

With flu numbers increasing earlier than expected in 2021, is the UK prepared for possibly the worst flu season in years?

TFlu season always puts pressure on the UK’s healthcare sectors. Along with the ongoing fight against COVID-19, they are now seeing an increase in flu patients a lot earlier than expected.

While the UK annually sees a rise in influenza cases beginning to spike throughout the end of October or start of November, the NHS are now reporting a spike much earlier in the year than predicted.

This not only puts more pressure on the NHS and private healthcare sectors who are already close to capacity due to COVID-19 patients and a national staff shortage but makes infection control within all public sectors more important than ever.

It begs the question whether UK healthcare is ready for this year’s flu season, as many have reported their cold and flu symptoms to be the worst they have ever experienced. Due to this, it is predicted that NHS Trusts and private healthcare providers might see an influx of patients earlier than previous years.

While the increase in flu numbers is unfortunately inevitable as the weather begins to get colder, healthcare sectors should be doing their upmost to ensure the risk of cross contamination is minimalised.




While healthcare sectors are doing everything in their power to prepare themselves for the increase in numbers, it is extremely vital to ensure the best cleaning processes and procedures are in place to protect both the public and employees from harmful pathogens.

The best way to do this is to ensure the most effective infection control products and processes are being implemented into the day-to-day cleaning procedures.

Both sprays and wipes are effective for manual decontamination. Wipes are typically more convenient for fast paced environments due to them being ready to use. Fogging is also a highly effective way of providing full coverage for an area with hard to reach or often forgotten surfaces, but also provides a solution to tackle airborne contaminants.

To reduce the room for human error, an all-in-one ready to use product is the best solution to implement within cleaning processes to provide a complete system.



Medi9 is an extremely effective resolution to this. The range is effective against bacteria, viruses, spores, and fungi within one solution or wipe, and ensures top protection against pathogens such as norovirus, c. difficile, and coronavirus. While other infection prevention products require multiple products to offer full protection, the Medi9 range is able to fully protect against pathogens in one, ready to use product.

Medi9 comes in many forms, from fogging solutions right through to hand & skin sanitisers. The entire range is alcohol-free, which leaves an extra layer of residual protection on surfaces for an excess of 18 hours. Unlike products that contain alcohol, Medi9 is gentle to the hands and skin while remaining effective and clinically proven.

NHS Trusts who have introduced the Medi9 range into their infection control procedures have seen a 30% reduction in infection rates within their hospitals.

To learn more about the Medi9 range, visit ninegrp.com or contact sales@ninegrp.com to speak to one of Nine Group’s dedicated sales team





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