Velcro Flatmop Frame (Metal) 55cm + Starfix
A lightweight frame to hold disposable Eco Mop fibre strips. 55cm.
Disposable Dry-Up Pad - 45x33cm - Pack of 10
Super absorbing disposable pad dries up spilt liquids effortlessly. An innovative product changing the way you deal with liquid spillages without the need for heavy mopping or wiping. The pad replaces time consuming traditional methods, where liquids had to be...
Feather Duster - 48
The feather duster is made from gentle, natural feathers making it ideal for use on blinds, lamps, furniture and ornaments. It is available in two lengths. 48
Handy Roll Disposable Cloth - Pack of 2 x 350 Sheets - (22x37cm)
A great value, lightweight and semi-disposable all-purpose cleaning wipe on a roll, which is perforated to provide good absorbency and dirt collection. The roll contains 350 sheets, is food contact safe, and is available in four colours. It is made...
All Purpose Anti Bac Cloth Roll 200 - 22 x 37cm
This handy, hygienic antibacterial roll in a portable dispenser keeps wipes clean and easily accessible. It contains a roll of 200 perforated lightweight tear-off wipes, ideal for single use on any surface to prevent cross-contamination as part of your hygiene...
Toilet Brush and Holder - Stainless Steel Set
Stylish cylindrical brushed stainless steel set for easy hygienic cleaning. A quality bristle brush with stainless steel handle and lid to hide the brush head from view when not in use.
Toilet Brush and Bowl - Contract
A cost effective plastic toilet brush and holder in white.
Magic Erase-All Sponge - Pack 10
A multi-surface cleaning sponge which quickly removes stubborn marks from most surfaces without the need for chemicals. Ideal for removing stains and marks from tiles, tea-stained crockery, paintwork, floor and kitchen surfaces - just wet and wipe. Not suitable for...
Caterers Sponge Scourer - Pack of 10
Sponge scouring pad ideal for easy removal of stubborn dirt, and for general cleaning and wiping. Pack of 10.
Caterers Scourers - Pack of 10
A heavy-duty quality scouring pad designed to easily remove tougher dirt, suitable for use in catering and general cleaning. Green. Pack of 10.
from £5.99
Spray Head and Bottle Set - 750ml - Heavy Duty
A 750ml spray bottle with graduation marks for the accurate dilution of fluids, along with a range of colour coded trigger heads which are available in six colours including white and green/yellow. Also available in an ergonomic 600ml (922) style....
Roklean 12 Litre Bucket & Lid
A useful container and lid with graduation marks. Available in three sizes and colour coded. Blue/Red.
Top Down Bucket & Lid
A useful 4/10 litre container and lid with graduation marks, colour coded. Two other sizes available. Red/Blue A hermetically sealed container used for pre-soaking mops. The tight seal prevents mops from drying out. An accessory for all pre-soaked trollies. 4L/10L....
from £20.25
Mop Bucket & Kentucky Wringer (Wheeled) - 23L - Blue
A professional and sturdy 23 litre wheeled bucket, designed for strength, easy use and efficient mobility. Ideal for use with mops up to 560g (20oz). Made in the UK from hardwearing polypropylene with dirt retaining sump for improved hygiene and...

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