Rob Johnson, Head of Operations, Bristol Ambulance Services

Rob Johnson, Head of Operations, Bristol Ambulance Services

Use of Medi9 Equipment, Medi9 Fogger Handheld sanitising unit, as a tool for creating clean and sanitised environments.

We accepted Nine Group’s offer to test Medi9 products in our very real environment using our front-line ambulance vehicles and equipment, but substituting their cleaning products and fogger for the ones we currently use.

An ambulance was in our cleaning bay and a basic wipe down had already commenced – the floor had had a wash with a chlorine solution. The flat surface area beside the stretcher was swabbed using a System SURE Plus ATP MONITORING SYSTEM and the result was 60 RLUs. The floor was swabbed, giving a result of 35 RLUs, as was the steering wheel which returned 292 RLUs. The flat surface area beside the stretcher and the surrounding back board and surfaces were sprayed with Medi9 and then wiped down using a Medi9 Tough Wipe. Once dry, the flat surface was swabbed again, returning a result of 5 RLUs. The back plate returned 2 RLUs. The back of the ambulance was then fogged using the Medi9 handheld fogging system. Once dry, the flat surface area was swabbed again, and the subsequent result was 0 RLUs.

The fogger was lightweight in comparison to our current unit. Was simple to operate and quick to use. By simple direction of the ‘fog’ the operator can easily ensure every part of the vehicle is sanitised. A major benefit is once dry the vehicle does not need to wiped over again (as with our current system), reducing the overall fogging process time by at least 30%.

These results clearly illustrate the sanitising benefits of Medi9 and the fogging system from Nine Group. It is recommended to implement the use of the Medi9 cleaning products throughout the fleet and the fogging system in the deep cleansing department (subject to further cost negotiations based on the volume we will use).


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