Fire Extinguisher Powder
Fire Extinguisher Powder 4kg, 6kg & 9kg
from £65.54
USB C Fast Charging Cable - 1m
USB C Fast Charging Cable - 1m
BC Powder Extinguisher
BC Powder Extinguisher 600g or 950g
from £23.99
Bed Bracket - Medi9 600ml
These Bed Brackets provide strong housing for Medi9 alcohol & chlorine hand sanitising foam. The brackets allow convenient placement of sanitiser to aid time efficiency and ease of use.
Dust Beater + Frame + Handle - 60cm - Blue
The floor duster is built with soft fibres for optimum dust collection. Comes with frame and handle. 60cm. Blue.
Medi9 Bracket for ME902015
The Medi9 Bracket is to be used with the 200 boxes Medi9 Surface & Equipment Wipes to keep them inaccessible reach while working. An easy way of having sanitisation products within arm's length around facilities where decontamination is a high...
Lobby Dustpan with Brush - Black Enamel
Dustpan with brush is made with a professional, quality plastic, making it incredibly touch. The dustpan has a rubber lip designed to fit flush to the floor and collect waste efficiently. The soft bristle brush can be clipped to dustpan...
Floor Scraper Replacement Blades (Wood/Vinyl)
To be used with the floor scraper, these replacement blades, which easily remove stubborn dirt, gum or mud from floors, are built for wood/vinyl use.
Floor Scraper c/w Handle (Wood/Vinyl)
This floor scraper features a longer blade, which easily removed stubborn dirt, gum or mud from floors. They are available with a choice of blades for use on wood/vinyl or stone/ceramic floors.
Feather Duster
Made from hard wearing natural fibres, the Lambswool duster attracts and holds dust, and is available in assorted colours with a range of three handle lengths. The Feather duster is made from gentle, natural feathers making it ideal for use...
Exel Mop Handle – Aluminium 137cm
A lightweight, versitile aluminium handle with push fitting that can be used with all Exel sockets. Available with handle grip in six shades for easy colour coding. 137cm.
Dustpan & Floor Squeegee Set & 10 pvc bags
This versatile and lightweight sweeping set with a joined rubber blade, open-ended pan and integral bag holder is designed to remove and hygienically collect dirt at the same time. Includes 10 PVC bags.
Dustpan & Brush Set
A professional quality dustpan and brush set with soft or stiff bristles, made from tough, hardwearing plastic. It features a rubber lip at the front for an improved dirt collection. Available in four colours.
Wall Bracket - Medi9 600ml
The Medi9 Wall bracket ensures Medi9 solutions are always within an accessible place when you need them. It is easy to re-load, and ensures an easy to reach place for your sanitation needs. 600ml. Our Medi9 Range is alcohol and...

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